In our 25 years of operation, we have developed various different types of Spark Erosion techniques to be able to provide our customers a wide variety of solutions. Below you can find a brief summary with pictures of some of the most frequently demanded applications.

Stud Sqaure Cut

Diameter: 2''1/2' (63mm)

Depth: 120 mm

Duration: 2 hours

Stud Radial Cut

Diameter: 7" (180mm)

Thread: 8UN

Duration: 1 hour

Stud Axial Cut

Diameter: 6" (152mm)

Lenght: 300mm

Thread: 8UN

Duration: 8 hours

Shaft Axial Cut

Several different examples.

Steel Forge Piston V-Cut

Thickness: 320mm

Length: 400mm

Duration: 24 hours

Steel Plate Rectangular Cut

Dimensions: 250mm x 150mm

Thickness: 50mm

Duration: 4 hours

Shaft Sleeve removal with Slitter Electrodes

Bush removal with special Slitter/Cross Electrode

Shaft Sleeve 2 Axial Cuts

Length: 300mm

Duration: 8 hours

Turbine Casing Bolt Removal

Diameter: 2"1/2' (63mm)

Length: 480mm

Thread: 8UN

Duration: 8 hours

Windturbine Maintenance

Seized or broken stud removal using Square Cuts

Vessel Engine Cilinder Head Bolt removal

Removal of broken cylinder head bolt of main vessel engine