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We drill square holes!


-) Because Spark Erosion is the fastest technique to remove broken or seized bolts, nuts, taps, locks, pens, drills,...

-) Because Spark Erosion is the most accurate technique without damaging the thread, casing, bearing,...

-) Because Spark Erosion is the savest technique without turning or fast moving parts, the use of chemicals or oils, without heating of the basic material and the surrounding, ...

-) Because Spark Erosion is the most certain solution even on "unaccessible" locations for normal and conventional tools by using special extensions and electrodes

-) Because Spark Erosion is the cheapest technique: limited duration of the intervention because of the cutting speed, no damage of the surroundings, more possibilities to remove the parts gradually charged to the client,...


Thus because Spark Erosion is the most efficient




-) Because we have the most experience: our technicians are already involved with spark erosion for 20 years

-) Because we have the most performant machines: our company has an exclusive agreement and partnership with Cammann Inc, the US-manufacturer who offers the most modern, fastest and most performant machines.

-) Because we have the best knowledge: our experience and exclusive collaboration with Cammann offer extra possibilities of engineering and technical support and to remain up-to-date with the latest technical evolutions.

-) Because we are the most flexible: our small organization and the direct involvement of the employees make us reacting in the shortest delay: 7/7, 24/24

-) Because we have the highest capacity: apart from our Belgian company, we have a sister company in the Middle-East ( Oman ) with its own skilled technicians and machines. Interventions can be done all over the world.

-) Because we are the cheapest: our small organization, our collaboration with local partners, our different ways to erode, give us an very important advantage over our competitors


Thus because SPARKTECH is the most efficient.


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Nuon, Velsen Netherlands

Elsta, DOW, Terneuzen Netherlands

Maxima Centrale, Lelystad Netherlands

Flow Serve, Etten-Leur Netherlands

DSM/Chemelot, Geleen Netherlands

Tata Steel, Ijmuiden Netherlands

Shell, Köln Germany

DOW, Böhlen Germany

Mercedes, Stuttgart Germany

MAN, Germany

BASF, Ludwigshafen Germany

DOW, Terragona Spain

Yara, Tertre Belgium

Ineos, Feluy Belgium

ESSO, Antwerp Belgium

Electrabel, Belgium

Deme dredging company, Belgium



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